Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali; 3 Days Tour with Deep Impressions

Trip Ijen
Trip Ijen, Sukamade, Kalibaru, and Bromo Package
November 26, 2018

Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali; 3 Days Tour with Deep Impressions

Bromo Ijen Tour From Bali

Bromo Ijen Tour From Bali

Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali

Some people might not know Indonesia, but everyone knows Bali is a small drop of heaven on earth. Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. The authority of tourism can never deny Bali is the best destination in Indonesia. Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali is designed to serve an efficient trip. Tour Ijen Banyuwangi will be the extended tour. How to get to Ijen Crater from Banyuwangi? There are many spectacular iconic sites tourists can visit at the package. It is no longer a secret that a tour in Bali is addictive. People will keep coming to Bali once they feel the peaceful atmosphere at the place. In addition, the package of Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali will make the journey be one of the most soul-nourishing.

Many of world celebrities are noticed to visit Indonesia. The Korean Pop celebrities come to Bali just to spend a holiday or for a wrap-up party. Many Hollywood celebrities come to Bali for various purposes. John Legend, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Pink are only some of the celebrities who often spend holiday in Bali. Meanwhile, David Beckham is another very important person who came to Bali for a holiday. Julia Roberts and the team of Eat Pray Love filming took some sites in Bali for the movie making. And the latest is about the visit of Kardashian family to Bali for a holiday and filming their reality show.

Tour Ijen Banyuwangi

Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali will thus be a new experience for those who have been to Bali frequently. In Bali, the relaxation and fancy tours are available. Besides, tourists can stay in Bali for days to enjoy the luxury of the resorts and excellent foods as well. Meanwhile, the outdoor tour is not challenging enough in Bali. Of course, people can always find the adventure of surfing and other water sports. But people will usually spend their time in Bali mostly for shopping and enjoying the landscape. Other amazing things in Bali are the traditional dances, the cultural tours, and the serene ambiance of Hinduism.

That is why the tour in Bali will be perfect as tourists extend it with Bromo and Ijen trip. Those sites offer a full outdoor experience. The trip will include walking, trekking, and hiking. People can always find special and invaluable luxury in the outdoor tours. People can pay high rates for the luxury that they want to experience in a resort or five-starred hotels. However, it is hard to value a satisfaction people will witness in Bromo and Ijen.

How to get to Ijen Crater from Banyuwangi?

Before Bromo, Ijen will be the first stop from Bali. Tourist can ask the tour and travel agency to pick them up from their hotels. Whether they stay in Denpasar, Sanur, Kuta, or Ubud, the travel agency will pick the clients right from their places. After that, the experienced drivers will direct them to Gilimanuk. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach the ferry port. The travel to the port passes through a rural landscape which is so much exciting. On the way to the port, tourists can enjoy their lunch in the local restaurant. After that, the ferry boat will transfer tourists to Banyuwangi in 1 hour. The Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali is special even before reaching Banyuwangi.

The tour of  Banyuwangi will start early in the morning. Vegetation, coffee plantation, and rainforest landscape will be the typical view of the tour. Ijen with the Blue Fire and Acid Lake will surely give tourists all that they expect from an outdoor tour. When the tour is over, the tourists will directly head to Mount Bromo which takes approximately 4 hours. Upon arrival at the area of Bromo, tourists will check in the desired lodge or hotel. There are several choices like Lava View Lodge, Cemara Indah, Jiwa Jawa Bromo, and Bromo Cottages that tourists can pick. After recharging their energy, tourists can start leaving for the sunrise tour in Bromo starting at 03.00 in the morning. The Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali is definitely a desirable package. Contact the tour and travel agency, so you will experience such wonderful itineraries.


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