Ijen Bali Tour: A Perfect Mixture of Nature and Exoticness

Tour Ijen Crater
Tour Ijen Crater, The Natural View, and the Rich Culture
November 4, 2019
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March 20, 2020

Ijen Bali Tour: A Perfect Mixture of Nature and Exoticness

Are you looking for an idea for the New Year tour? Make your New Year vacation unforgettable by enjoying great moments in Bali and after taking a hike to Ijen Crater. Ijen Bali tour offers different vacation experience for you. After adoring the magnificent nature’s gift, you will indulge in the exotic charm of Bali Island.   

Ascending to the summit of Ijen and seeing the magnificent Blue Fire are dreams for many volcano travelers. You can see the fire, which is only seen in two places in the world, namely in Ijen and Iceland. A panoramic mountainous view of the sulfur lake and the heart-touching view of sulfur miners are waiting for you at the crater.

Ijen Bali Tour

Sulphur Miners

Thrilling Experience with Ijen Bali Tour

There is no question about the joy of spending vacation days in Bali. The island features a perfect mixture of nature, culture and traditions, and adventure. Whether you love the crowd in Kuta or Seminyak Beaches or you prefer the secluded and private beaches, Bali offers so many options for you. Before completing the vacation in Bali, you can take time to see the different side of Indonesia by hiking to Ijen crater.

At Mount Ijen, a challenging but thrilling adventure awaits. You can do the following activities with Ijen Bali Tour:

  •  A challenging midnight hike from Paltuding post to Ijen crater. Fortunately, a local guide will go with you and there is a defined path to make your hiking easier;
  • Seeing the Blue Fire that comes out of the sulfur lake at Ijen crater. Even though you can just see the fire from a certain distance, taking a picture with the magnificent fire as the background will be an unforgettable moment.
  •  Enjoying the stunning view of sunrise over East Java from the height. You can enjoy the breathtaking green views of the mountainous complex in the morning. The rainforest and giant ferns and trees are the perfect backdrops for your photos.

Seeing and talking the local sulfur miners, who mine and bring home the sulfur stone with minimum protective equipment and apparel. Imagine how the local miners climb and go down the crater by bringing about 80 kilograms of sulfur on their shoulders.

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Ijen Bali Tour Package: What Do You Get?

Traveling to Mount Ijen from Bali would not be as expensive as you imagined. You will take about 1,5 hours of boat trip from Gilimanuk port in Bali to Ketapang Port in Banyuwangi. The cost of Ijen tour from Bali usually includes range following:

  • Private car transport from hotel in Bali to Gilimanuk ferry port
  •  A boat trip from Bali to Banyuwangi and return boat from Banyuwangi to Bali
  • Accommodation facility in Banyuwangi or Ijen
  • Travel by 4WD vehicle from hotel in Banyuwangi to the parking area of Mount Ijen, plus driver, fuel costs, and parking fees
  • A local guide
  • Entrance ticket to Ijen
  • Gas masks and headlamps

The things included in the package may vary with the travel agent. Overall, Ijen Bali tour will be an unforgettable vacation experience you will have. Then, complete your vacation by taking some relaxing moments in Bali before you get back home.

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