Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali: Get in Touch with Locals

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February 1, 2019
Ijen Blue Fire Tour
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August 20, 2019

Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali: Get in Touch with Locals

Ijen Blue Fire from Bali

Ijen Blue Fire from Bali

Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali

Ijen Blue fire is definitely a great destination for people who love adventure, nature, and challenge. The trip to Ijen will give a deep impact for the life of the tourists since it teaches many valuable things.

It is true that the main purpose for a traveling is to help people maintaining a good health and fresh mind.

Yet, it will be more priceless if tourists get some lessons from their travel. Ijen crater will show them many of the soul-nourishing values. Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali

People will love the sensation of Ijen crater after spending several days in Bali. It is no longer a secret that Bali is an island with many commercial tourist attractions.

We call it as a commercial since the places are created and designs with all purposes to give people entertainment.

Therefore, it is always easy to get amused while strolling in all places in Bali. The luxury offered in the hotels, beauty spa, beaches, clubs, and even the market will give people a wonderful experience in Bali traveling.

Besides, Bali never fails to give people a peaceful mind with the religious atmosphere and sacred art work.

Even the dances and songs of Balinese can help people to relieve their stress. But then, Bali does not have a natural beauty of volcanoes.

Of course, there are one or more volcanoes to visit in Bali but people will usually prefer to go somewhere else. There are too many fabulous attractions in Bali to choose from. Therefore, Ijen will be the star after a fun Bali vacation.


Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali; Cost and Itinerary

Before learning the schedule and itinerary, we need to check the Ijen Crater tour cost. It is easy to find the best deals through the online traveling agency. We do not have to use applications.

Sometimes, comparing the prices all over again will be complicated. Therefore, it is recommended that tourists let the experienced traveling agency to handle the tour.

Whether tourists want to go for a private tour or a group tour, the online traveling agency will help them professionally.

The rates are fair and the services are the best. The agency is experienced for years in the same tour destination.

Therefore, they will be able to recommend the best hotels and any other amenities with the best price. In addition, the service includes air-conditioned cars with the best drivers as well.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali

Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali

From Bali, tourists will cross Gilimanuk Port to Banyuwangi’s Ketapang Port. After that, tourists will head to the hotels where they can get a rest before leaving for the phenomenal Ijen Crater.

Visiting Ijen will be an experience of a life time. The destination also gives a great chance for people to test their adrenaline. The route is mild and it is regarded as a soft trekking venue.

However, people need to be very careful since the slope is a little dangerous during night times. Besides, the visibility can be challenging in certain seasons.

Ijen blue fire tour requires people to leave in the middle of the night. Most of the time, the trekking is hard because of the darkness and the thick sulfur gas.


Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali; Trip Ijen Baluran

In addition, to the Ijen Crater tour for the Blue Fire hunting, it is also recommended that tourists extend their holiday to Kalibaru to see the beautiful plantation of cocoa and coffee.

Next, tourists have to get ready for trip Ijen Baluran. Those who are first timers will be surprised that Baluran will show them the tropical side of Banyuwangi vividly.

The national park of Baluran is even famous as the African van Java. After that, tourists can head to Menjangan Island. It is time for a fun snorkeling day.

Banyuwangi is that perfect for an outdoor tour. Therefore, to take Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Bali is the right decision to do.

It will cut the transportation cost and will compliment the trip to Bali flawlessly. In order to get the best deal for the trip, tourists can start booking the package online.

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