Ijen Crater Tour from Bali

Ijen Tour from Surabaya
May 1, 2014
3-Day Tour Bromo Ijen Crater
April 29, 2014

From a hotel or the airport in Bali, you will be picked up by a guide, and your journey to Ijen Blue Flame tour will be the one that you’ll never regret. Spending sometimes in Bali will not be perfect before tasting the prettiness of Ijen Blue Fire tour. Bali offers the stunning beauty of beaches and sacred tradition. The majestic temples and unique villages are all served in high-class tours and services. Not to mention the delicious cooking with the unique ambiances. Bali is also always attractive in a unique way. We can never forget the gorgeous scenery, dances, the kindness of Balinese and of course the warm and loveable cultures.
However, spending some time for refreshment in Bali will not be enough. Bali is only several hours away from Banyuwangi, in which Ijen Crater charm is waiting for your visit. Pay a visit to this spectacular landscape and enjoy its famous blue fire. The impressive view of Ijen with its acidic lake is something that you will treasure forever. Ijen owns a pleasant atmosphere where superb nature wonders encounter the hardworking miners. We will love how this volcanic acid site offers breathtaking view and lessons from the determined miners. Viewing sunset in Bali is like peeping through the window of heaven while enjoying the sunrise in Ijen Crater tour from Bali is an experience that worth all the beauty in the world.