Semeru Trekking Package; Camping at the Most Breathtaking Spot on Earth

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December 10, 2018
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Semeru Trekking Package; Camping at the Most Breathtaking Spot on Earth

Semeru trekking package

Semeru trekking package

Semeru Trekking Package

There are several types of tourists in the traveling world. There are people who love to share their joy with other people. These people love to join an open trip. To go to beautiful places with so many people is fun for this type of traveler.


Meanwhile, some people love to enjoy the wonderful world just for themselves. They do not like to travel with so many people. Usually, this type of people flying solo to some places. They love to wear their backpack and enjoy their trip alone.


Some more people believe the extravagance cities are the places to eliminate their stresses. However, some people love the breathtaking views of nature. They set a camp and sleep under a million stars. The adventure of some tourists is island hopping, some other explore the vast areas of natural wonders like Wakhan Pamir and Semeru.


Semeru trekking package

Semeru trekking package


Semeru trekking package includes camping at the most breathtaking spot on erath, Ranu Kumbolo Lake. Tourist can even take an extended tour by taking Bromo Ijen crater tour package.

Besides, there are some people who love cities. The tourists will love joining a city tour together with so many people. They will fall in love with a city that never sleeps.

Some other tourists will go far away from the cities. They explore the villages and natural wonders. Those people will fall for any traditional village like Penglipuran, Edensor, and old cities in Peshawar.


The different tourists should thus pick the right tour package to fit their interest. And for the adventurers, Semeru will be the right destination to book. Semeru trekking package is divided into two types. The first one is the soft trekking. The second type is a little extreme since the tourists climb up the mountain to reach the summit.

Semeru Trekking Package: Soft – Hard Trekking

The soft trekking offers an unbelievable experience to explore the landscape. It is still possible for the tourists to set a camp by the Lake of Ranu Kumbolo. It is a proper trekking tour for a family.


However, when tourists want to explore through the summit of the mountain, they will need to really get prepared. Semeru is the highest mountain in East Java. Besides, the trekking path can be dangerous sometimes. It is not definitely a choice for an amateur. Those who have reached the peak of Semeru said it took them at least 5 years to come back to Semeru. It means, it is tiring and hard even for the professionals.


But the soft trekking is never disappointing. Tourists can extend their tour to Bromo after taking the Semeru trekking package. They will love to head to Bromo. The location will not be too far because Semeru and Bromo are both in one location of National Park. And the rate for Semeru and Bromo trekking tour will include the transportation and entrance tickets to both locations.


After tourists get enough sleep at the desired hotels or lodge around Bromo, they can continue the journey to Ijen. When tourists take the whole package of Semeru, Bromo and Ijen, they will actually go to volcanoes. However, the three volcanoes are totally different. Semeru is amazing with the landscape and natural lake. Meanwhile, Bromo is excellent with the Tenggere culture, the sunrise and the fuming crater. And Ijen Crater will be the best closure since it has the fanciest volcanic boiling lake with the turquoise color. Not to mention the beautiful cocoa plantation along the soft trekking to the crater of Ijen. The last volcano is also popular for the amazing Blue Fire.

Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour Package

Semeru trekking package will be the opening for the natural wonder’s lovers. But there is one special package that will be the best for all tourists. People who love the cultural tour, as well as a city tour, can spend a great time in Yogyakarta.

The tour of Yogyakarta Borobudur tour package will be simply the best offer for any tourists. People will enjoy the heritage sites, the culture, the cities, the cuisines, and of course the natural wonders of Lava tour and Bromo sunrise tour. The affordable package is still affordable for this Year-End season. Book your quote right now!

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