Tour Ijen Crater, The Natural View, and the Rich Culture

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September 19, 2019
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February 3, 2020

Tour Ijen Crater, The Natural View, and the Rich Culture

Tour Ijen Crater

Tour Ijen Crater

Tour Ijen Crater is More than just a Trip

Tour Ijen Crater is offered for those who admire the beauty of nature and the rich culture of Indonesia at the same time. Ijen is more than exotic since it has the beauty of crater, Blue Fire phenomenon and also the wonderful coffee plantation around. Do you know that Ijen coffee is one of the best in Indonesia? Coffee lovers have to take the package to taste the organic and tasty coffee by the volcano. The taste of coffee around Ijen is awesome due to the fertile soil in the national park complex. 

Ijen Crater tour price is not that high even though the place is listed in one of the most visited volcanoes in Indonesia. In addition, the package includes various things so it will be cheaper to book the package rather than to go independently. Ijen crater tour package includes pick up, transportation, drivers, fuels, parking fee, breakfast, hotel, and tickets. Travelers can just determine their pick up location and the team will help them to reach the destination comfortably. 

Tour Ijen Crater: Things to Expect  

The package is called Tour Ijen Crater for some reasons. The main attraction is the crater but many people go to Ijen for witnessing the sunrise, the fuming volcanoes, the blue fire, and also for the acid lake. The place is a star that outshines several types of beauty. However, people can always enjoy all since the place serves a soft trekking route. 

Tour Ijen Crater is somehow a bad idea for some people. Those who suffer from lung diseases or respiratory problems should not go to this place, unless they are prepared with their breathing emergency tool. Ijen is not typically dangerous for everyone. However, this is a volcano with a thick sulfur smell. When the wind blows hard, a terrible sulfur smell will cover the air. People need to use an oxygen mask when the air is getting unbearable. But that is not a reason to skip Ijen Crater tour package. 

A tour to Ijen Crater is a dream trip for all travelers. Yet, tourists need to get prepared for the best experience in this beautiful landscape. The first thing that people should anticipate is the cold temperature. Warm clothes, socks, gloves, scarves, trekking shoes, and even earmuffs are necessary. This is so because people will stay out all the night in the Ijen tour package. The trip is started with midnight trekking for the Blue Fire hunting. Many people in the world admire aurora hunting trip in Norway. This Blue Fire will be the tropical version of midnight natural phenomena. 

Tour Ijen Crater

Tour Ijen Crater

Tour Ijen Crater is also a wonderful idea for the newly wed couples. The trip enables people to enjoy a super fantastic outdoor trip with soft trekking experience. Trip Ijen lets couples to go out in the middle of a night. That should be a new experience for people who rarely know the conditions of their partners. Most of the time, people in the daylight. This trip will show the real people’s emotion and physical condition during night times. In addition, it is also important to handle emotions in this kind of a trip. Couples will love the way the adrenaline maker around the place gives them excellent moment. 

Ijen volcano is not a mere place for people to get pleasure in the morning view and cold temperature. It is a place where majestic volcano shows people that humans have no power. Yet, humans can always admire the powerful nature for performing a powerful life story. Ijen volcano is located in the tip of East Java. The temperature can be so cold in the morning and in the middle of the night due to the height. What is so special with this mountain is that it has a beautiful view of plantation. Around the place, tourists can enjoy the green vegetation of old plantation. 

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Tour Ijen Crater Itinerary

Tourists can come from various places around Java. People can easily ask the customer service to help them arranging the pick up place. It is possible for tourists to even start the trip from Bali. The professional travel agency will pick the guests from the airport and hotels as well. After that, it depends on the pick up location, the tourists can take a good rest at the nearest hotel. 

Around midnight, tourists should get ready to conquer Ijen. It takes approximately 2 hours for people to trek the route to reach the summit. With Blue Fire hunting itinerary, people will need to do the trekking in a certain route for seeing the Blue Fire better. Sunrise will be one of the most breathtaking features in this trip. And it will be so much gorgeous to spend some times around the turquoise lake. Click to see how Ijen can be your best experience of outdoor trip. 

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